QualSoft has been developing Windows device drivers for OEM printer manufacturers Internationally providing custom and unique functionality for its clients since 1995.


With the increasing demand for quality printer drivers for our clients and their quality products, you can be assured that QualSoft is committed to providing a solution for printer manufacturers and OEM companies by providing competitively priced device driver development services.


Microsoft Windows Drivers


We offer 32 and 64bit driver development services for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008 Vista and Windows 7.


Device driver development is available to support the following types of devices:

- Line/dot Matrix or SIDM,

- ESC/P, LQ1600K, IBM or LP+ emulations,

- Laser/NIP with PCL3,PCL4,PCL5e and PCL6 or others,

- Thermal or Direct Thermal with DPL, FGL, LDS and all other types of emulation,

- PostScript Level support,

- Others on request,

- Far East support including lingual screens and resident DBCS font support.


Driver functionality


The development of a driver with QualSoft gives you access to driver features such as:

- QualSoft's unique Resident Barcode access which consists of both Font and pasted image access to a barcode,

- Barcode generation of over 30 types of barcodes (for devices without their own barcodes providing promotion of printers into the barcode market),

- Watermark functionality,

- Multiple-up printing functionality,

- Designer User Interfaces to specification,

- Device specifics supported.


We are interested in working with you to commit your printer products into a competitive market at a reasonable price. With the type of functionality provided with our drivers, we believe that we can enhance your product(s) into a competitive market.  


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